Basement Remodeling

The Affordable Way To Expand Living Space

Why A Basement Remodel?

Thinking about remodeling your basement?

When you decide you are ready to build out your basement space we will come to you and "design" a custom construction plan that is "right" for your basement. All of our designs for you employ the concept of "highest and best" use of your basement space.

During our visit to your basement we will share with you a photo album containing samples of our work and we will talk about your project intentions, i.e.: what do you want to accomplish with the basement construction. How will you use the space, what elements do you need and want; wet bar, 1/2 or full bath, exercise or theatre room etc. Who is the space for? Yourselves, kids, in-laws? We will explain our process of taking all aspects of a basement into consideration regarding humidity, moisture, dampness and mold. All of our methods related to the insulating of the exterior walls is documented in reports.

Next, if you have not already measured and planned the space layout, we will measure everything; walls, ceiling heights, rough-ins, heat ducts, windows, utilities etc. With all these detailed measurements we will then design and price a construction plan according to all your criteria. If you have already designed or received a design plan from another company we would love the opportunity to review it and/or price it for you!

Our Process

Basement Builders of NY follows a unique process for your basement project. See why our methods of wall insulation, heating systems & flooring solutions will insure the most comfortable living environment.

A finished basement should be an extension, or even a continuation, of the main living area of your home. There should be a seamless transition into the basement, with the objective of maximizing use of the newly created space, based on the functional needs as defined by our clients.
We take the time to understand your requirements and translate them into a blue print that we use to create your new living space.

A well finished basement is the result of careful planning, and meticulous execution of good design by a qualified, competent craftsmen under the direction of experienced supervision.

Getting Started

Basement Builders of NY provides a free, no-obligation consultation. We review the area you are considering to remodel and carefully understand your requirements. Based on your requirements, suggestions and ideas are proposed for your consideration. A layout (sketch) is created for your review. A good design results from a collaborative effort between designer, builder and client.

Basement Builders of NY offers three options in reference to pricing your project:

  • We can give you an estimate or budget figure based on our discussion with you to give you an idea of the anticipated investment to design and build your basement.
  • We can send you and informative packet explaining some approximate costs and requirements for remodeling your basement.
  • Being a design-build contractor, our in-house design service is available. We will meet with you, take careful measurements and prepare detailed drawings of your existing basement, as well as a new floor plan.