Some answers to common questions.

You need a secondary means of escape for a lower living area. whether it's a bedroom or just a recreational room, a permit and egress is necessary.

Each Town differs in how they determine your tax assessment. Typically they will NOT increase the full value of the project. Similar to adding a swimming pool, they use a general dollar amount of increased value.

Many towns will wait to see when you are due for a tax assessment review. At that time they will see what your tax rate is compared with other homes similar to what's in your area.

YES... It has been reported that a properly insulated basement can save up to $400 per year in energy savings.

Each home is different and typically when you have had Basement Builders remodel your basement, you will notice that based on our products used and proven techniques will help humidity levels which will reduce the overall use of a dehumidifier thus saving approximately $30-$40.00 per month in Electric consumption.